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Our Programs and Services

We are committed to meeting the needs of individuals and families we serve.
Most of our services are offered for free because we have identified that the most vulnerable members of our community cannot afford access to these supports.


Food Support

  • Short term emergency access to food for individuals and families in need.

  • We support by providing groceries and grocery gift card.

  • Culturally sensitive with healthy ethnic consideration

Newcomer Settlement Support 

  • We support newcomers with access to all they need to begin a new and fruitful life in Canada.

  • Access to furniture, houshold items and apparells 

  • Services include completion of forms for governmental benefits, interpretation services, education and employment support, information sharing, translation services and referrals

  • Employment readiness, job search, interview skills and professional development.

Special Supports for Seniors

  • Free groceries delivered directly to seniors who face food insecurity with a focus on cultural and ethnic needs while ensuring nutritious options. 

  • Virtual programs to keep seniors socially engaged, stimulated and autonomous. 

  • Light home care support 

  • Self referral or referral by family or freinds are welcome. 

  • Available to individuals and families who meet specific requirements.

  • Prepared by a Sound Care Wellness volunteer who is certified with the CRA.

  • Offered seasonally

Youth Empowerment

  • Programs aimed to bring knowledge and empower at risk youths with a focus on mentor - mentee model. 

  • Empowers black youths in various areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, self building and activism.

Mental Health Support

  • Access to non emergent mental health support

  • Access to mental health nurses and counselors.

  • Wellness workshops offered to address a variety of wellness and coping topics.

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